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Amanda Brown

Esther Awaken Executive Team

Amanda is filled with such love & compassion. She is truly experienced, trustworthy and passionate about fulfilling the vision of Esther Awaken Team. We're so blessed to have her. She truly helps us go to another level. 


Samantha Virella

Founder Minister / Revivalist & Prophetic Voice for God

God birthed the vision within Samantha in 2020 and it has been nothing but steps of faith that has brought this to fruition. The Esther Awaken Conference is for women to represent the body of Christ and stand in boldness. This is not a time to let our brothers and sisters around us crumble without hearing about Jesus. It’s time for women to take their place. To arise and be set ablaze. It’s time to awaken our inner Esther and speak up.
As a wife and mother of four beautiful children, Samantha gave her life to Jesus and became filled with the Holy Spirit at 15 years old. Without the grace and love of Jesus, she would not be here today. Before that day, she was a broken and confused young woman that despised anything to do with Christianity. 
Samantha went through a great deal of trauma and abuse. Because of these circumstances, she never felt loved or worthy. Living in this pain she tried everything the world had to offer and could never feel satisfied. But someone was bold to share with her the gospel, and God took away all that hurt and pain; showed her that she is loved, and she is forgiven.
Now her heart is on fire to empower women to walk out the call of God in their life and to know their worth in Christ.  We want women to know that no matter how deep the scars are that Jesus “bestows on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of despair.” Isaiah 61:3 


Michelle Cancel 

Esther Awaken Executive

Michelle is an invaluable part of the Esther Team. She is loyal and passionate about the Esther Awaken conference. She is so gifted and intentional at making others feel so loved and noticed. She is God's hands and feet here with us. We thank God for Michelle.

Lesley Brown

Esther Awaken Executive Team 

Lesley is truly a gift and loves to pray for our ministry. She is so intentional, caring and is a great communicator. We Thank God for her and all the gifts and talents.

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