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Prophetess Samantha

We aren't going back to Church as usual! God is bringing his Church back to the purity of the book of ACTS!!!


Invite Mrs. Virella 

Samantha Virella: Prophet, Revivalist, Preacher, Fitness Instructor, and the Founder of Esther Awaken & Saludfit Christian Dance Fitness. 


In the year 2020, God birthed Esther Awaken during a revival that ignited within Saludfit, a vibrant Christian dance fitness class. The Fire of the Holy Spirit marked us, and the power of God manifested supernaturally during our classes, especially as we worshiped and prayed fervently at the end. The anointing began to flow, and women were overcome by the glory, experiencing healings and deliverances. It was then that the Lord spoke clearly to Samantha about the arising of Esthers, to set us ablaze with unbridled passion, unashamed boldness, and the spirit of fearless lionesses. No longer would we allow the enemy to claim territory; it was time for us to step into our rightful place as royal priests and daughters of the Most High King. The time had come to awaken our inner Esthers and boldly declare our faith. 


Esther Awaken swiftly expanded through our Prophetic conferences, revival gatherings, and prayer nights, accelerating the awakening of hearts and minds of masses. 


Samantha, a devoted wife to Jose Virella and a mother of four beautiful children, encountered Jesus and received the Holy Spirit's indwelling at the tender age of 15. Before that divine encounter, she was a deeply broken and bewildered teenager who harbored disdain for anything associated with Christianity. Samantha bore the scars of trauma and endured unimaginable abuse. Her upbringing was marked by a broken home, and she was separated from her biological mother, leaving her feeling unloved and undeserving. In her pain, she sought satisfaction in the world, but it had nothing to offer her.


However, a bold soul crossed her path and shared the life-transforming gospel with Samantha, altering the course of her existence forever. Samantha held onto faith for her mother, entrusting her into the Lord's hands. While attempts to reconnect in adulthood proved challenging, destiny had other plans. A decade later, Samantha's mother, witnessing the incredible work of God through Samantha's viral TikTok videos, felt compelled to attend an Esther Awaken conference. That night, both mother and daughter were marked by the power of God, experiencing reconciliation and a divine touch. For Samantha, it was an epochal moment of forgiveness and profound healing—a testament to the Joseph-like journey of restoration and redemption.

           Now Samantha Virella and her husband have embarked on a new ministry Awaken Kingdom Ministries. 

Our Vision and Goal:

Our vision is to awaken the Kingdom of God within each of us and manifest heaven on earth. We aspire to be ambassadors and citizens of heaven, actively influencing and staking our claim in our cities. Our aim is to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, facilitating a Kingdom takeover wherever we go.


When we are invited to an event, our mission is to usher heaven's presence into that place, witnessing lives transformed and changed through the power of the Holy Ghost.


If you wish to book Samantha for an event, she kindly requests accommodations for her flight and stay, as well as arrangements for her husband, who often travels with her, or her personal assistant. 

When booking Samantha, please note that she requires at least one hour of ministry time or more. We also ask that you honor the altar call time as the Holy Spirit moves.

Suggested Honorarium:

For inquiries regarding honorariums and event details, please fill out our contact information form so that we can promptly respond to your request and further discuss how we can collaborate in bringing the Kingdom of God to your location.

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